Case Studies

WFS supports a wide range of projects across Oil and Gas, Offshore Wind and Defense. An outline of some projects completed have been included here.

subsea life asset extension
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Retrofit Temperature Monitoring Seatooth® Prevents Pipeline Buckling

WFS customer, a major North Sea Oil & Gas operator with 11Offshore Installations servicing 40 offshore fields, was concerned at the a risk of mechanical displacement to pipelines and manifolds, as a result of significant changes to process fluid temperature…more

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WaveJet and WFS Technologies Partner to Deliver Revolutionary New Jet-Powered Surfboards

WaveJet Propulsion manufactures revolutionary jet-powered surfing products. Featuring WaveJet’s modular and patented jet propulsion system, WaveJet’s product range includes powered surfboards, kayaks and rescue boards used by emergency services….more

subsea life asset extension
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Extending The Life of Subsea Assets

To minimise risks associated with thermal expansion of pipelines, manifolds and flowlines, WFS’ client, a major North Sea operator, invested in 20 wireless pipeloggers to monitor subsea process temperature and recalibrate fatigue models…more

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Real time Wireless Fatigue Monitoring

Determined to validate fatigue modelling of their coiled tubing system, WFS was challenged by its client to design and deliver an offshore wireless structural integrity monitoring system…more

Retrofit Christmas Tree Sensor
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A new standard in Subsea Efficiency for Shell

To set a new standard in subsea efficiency for supermajor oil and gas company Shell, WFS client Baker Hughes wanted to wirelessly monitor hydrotest data during pipeline pre-commissioning using WFS Seatooth technology…more

challenging environments
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Japanese Magma Opus

Subsea mining of geothermal vents takes place in one of the most challenging environments imaginable – in over 2,000m water depth and in high temperatures caused by the eruption of magma from the earths mantle…more

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Subsea Valve Packing Monitoring

To ensure correct engagement of the tool during a critical subsea valve packing operation, Woodside and their subsea contractor i-Tech Services had to monitor the installation in a space where no wired camera would fit…more

pipeline pre-commissioning
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Seatooth Subsea Wireless Video

Faced with the challenge of watching a gel pig being ejected from a pipeline during commissioning, without mobilising an additional ROV and while keeping divers at a safe distance, WFS was asked to propose a subsea wireless video solution…more

pipeline pre-commissioning
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Retrofit Wireless Christmas Tree Sensors

Faced with the potential of having to recover and replace a faulty subsea tree 300 metres below sea level, and lose many weeks of production from a producing oil field offshore Nigeria due to a wrongly calibrated temperature sensor…more