Get the data with Seatooth® and Terratooth® Smart Devices

WFS Seatooth technology revolutionises subsea wireless communication.  Using proprietary patented technology, Seatooth modems enables high quality data transmission through seawater, the seabed, concrete blankets, metal pipes and the splash zone.

Seatooth® – effective through-water data communication

Seatooth modems provide reliable wireless, near field and far field communication in seawater.  The data transmission techniques used by Seatooth technology supports two-way communications with digital data transfer occurring at high data rates and low latency.  Seatooth technology can be integrated with all standard subsea instrumentation and control systems and carry data from sensors and still and video images.

Seatooth View™ – seeing subsea

The efficient data compression techniques implemented in Seatooth® technology enable image and video data to be communicated wirelessly in subsea.  With Seatooth View enablement, Seatooth technology is integrated with standard subsea cameras to provide real time viewing or to record still images over a prolonged period in the case of a deployed remote system.  Seatooth Video products have Seatooth View enablement and these wireless subsea cameras can be stand alone units deployed to monitor difficult-to-access assets or integrated with subsea vehicles.

Seatooth Sense™ – wirelessly obtaining subsea sensor data

Obtaining accurate and repeatable data from subsea production equipment and pipelines is key to safe and economic operations.  Seatooth® technology can be integrated with any standard sensor system to obtain wirelessly retrievable data thus avoiding the cost, complexity and long term reliability issues associated with hard wired systems.  With the ability to obtain, and subsequently wirelessly transmit sensor data, WFS Seatooth Sense functionality can be integrated in application specific products including the Seatooth PipeLogger and Seatooth CTFM (Coiled Tubing Fatigue Monitoring) System or form part of a sensor network deployed across an asset base.   Two way data communication enables command and control data to be provided by operators to the deployed sensors to ensure data recorded is relevant to operations on an ongoing basis.

Seatooth Connect™ – effective wireless subsea data and power transmission

Subsea connectors enabled with Seatooth Connect technology achieves wireless transmission of data and power through water without the requirement for contact between connector faces and entirely eliminating the need for pin connectors.  In operations requiring regular connection and disconnection, such as AUV docking, Seatooth Connect offers improved reliability over wet mate connectors enabling longevity of equipment deployment.  The inductive power and wireless data transfer capability provided by Seatooth Connect technology allows command and control data can also be transferred from an ROV or AUV to deployed sensors as needed and sensed data retrieved whilst also providing power to the sensors to allow continued long term operation.

Seatooth Endure™ – improved battery management for deployed wireless components

Seatooth Endure systems integrates powerful battery management technology with reliable data connectivity to provide a system which maximizes battery life of deployed Seatooth components enabling up to 15 years of operational lifespan and wireless data retrieval without intervention.  Suitable for combination with the Seatooth Sense or Seatooth View capabilities, Seatooth Endure enables long term operation of Seatooth components deployed in relatively inaccessible or sealed environments.

Seatooth Hybrid™ – extend communication capability using hybrid technology

The Seatooth® technology utilises electromagnetic signals for transmission of data, but use of acoustic and optical communication techniques can also have applicability in the subsea environment too. By integrating acoustic or optical capability Seatooth Hybrid can offer extended communication capability of up to 20kms at low bandwidth. Suitable for combination with the Seatooth Sense, View, Connect and Endure capabilities, Seatooth Hybrid offers increased communication flexibility in the underwater environment.

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