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Transforming Pipeline Pre commissioning Operations A cost effective alternative to hard wired systems for asset integrity monitoring.

Seatooth WiPS is a subsea wireless pressure sensor system for use on pipelines, risers, manifolds and hydraulic control lines. It incorporates sensors to measure process pressure and seawater temperature, a datalogger and a display. Collected data can be wirelessly retrieved by a ROV or diver. It is a cost effective alternative to hard wired systems for flow assurance and asset integrity monitoring.

Transform Operations

Drive down pipeline commissioning costs through wireless automation
Wireless process monitoring
Improve quality and traceability of data

Resilient Communications

Seatooth communications unaffected by turbidity, biofouling, bubbles or even buried

Seatooth WiPS
Seatooth WiPS


Configurable for multiple pipeline sizes


Networkable with Seatooth enabled units and cabled systems


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