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Opportunities for Subsea Digitisation

IoT has yet to consider 70% of the world’s surface!

The Internet of Things (IoT) wave is providing direct integration of the physical world into the digital world on a global scale. This is creating a disruptive step-change in the way mankind is organized, from work practices and leisure activities through to how industry is run.

70% Ocean Industries

The global ocean economy, measured in terms of the ocean-based industries’ contribution to economic output and employment, is significant. Preliminary calculations on the basis of the OECD’s Ocean Economy Database value the ocean economy’s contribution in 2010 very conservatively at USD 1.5 trillion, or approximately 2.5% of world gross value added (GVA).

The world’s oceans need IoT

While the IoT revolution is impressive, it has yet to consider 70% of the world’s surface – the ocean. New technologies are required to bring IT infrastructure to the oceans and that’s where the largest opportunities are for both industry and the environmental challenges we face.

ocean industries

Smart Waters - Smart Cities - Extend IoT Underwater/Underground IoT and Cloud Computing Solutions

Seatooth® S100 extends wireless IoT networks through water and through ground, providing a low cost alternative to cables, connectors and buoys.


Monitor Process Temperature, Flow, vibration and more… 

Monitor Asset Integrity

Monitor the Environment 

Seatooth s100 Smart Device
Seatooth s100 Smart Device

Extend IoT Anywhere

In water (resistant to 1000m)

In seabed


In concrete

Simple to configure

Integrate with standard sensors

Underwater/Underground IoT and Cloud Computing Solutions

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