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Transform Diving ROV / OPS Underwater RFID for subsea structures and umbilicals for divers and ROVs

Seatooth LightRope is a smart, subsea wireless identification and location solution for divers and ROVs.  It is a unique fibre lighting system offering an innovative technical solution to challenging and hazardous subsea environments.

Transform Operations

Visible RFID tagging for subsea assets


For use by divers and ROVs

No-touch activation

Automatically switches on when the Diver/ROV is within 5m

Resilient Communciations

Seatooth communications unaffected by turbidity, biofouling, bubbles or even buried

Seatooth LightRope
Seatooth LightRope


Internal rechargeable battery providing 24 hours of continuous use or 80 hours in flash mode and 2 years on standby

Asset Management

Store asset information on integrated datalogger

Read/update records using Seatooth SWiCOM diver communications and control system

Available in 500m and 3000m depth ratings


If you would like more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.