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Environmental Monitoring System

At WFS we can monitor a wide range of parameters, this includes bio-monitoring, oxygen, nutrients, oils, pesticides and metals using Seatooth ® subsea sensors with ExtremeEdge analytics.

Seatooth® Assure – Riser Monitoring System

Seatooth Assure is a smart, wireless Structural Monitoring System (SMS) for use on subsea risers, flowlines and mooring chains.

Seatooth® SmartShackle – Mooring and Load Monitoring

Easily configurable the SmartShackle enables remote monitoring of load in subsea mooring applications and can be sized according to the application.

Pile and Jacket Wind Turbine Monitoring

We monitor the key offshore assets that support critical tasks in subsea operations to extend life, reduce cost, and prevent production downtime by using the latest in edge computing and real-time analytics.

Subsea Digitalization

Subsea digitalisation is a major focus for offshore operators as they look to understand their field operations through digitalization and real-time data, and WFS is at the forefront of this new wave with its unique wireless products.

Offshore Wind Asset Monitoring

Each Seatooth SmartClamp is supplied with a built-in processor with the capability to run WFS ExtremeEdge computing. Edge computing enables processing to be undertaken on the device, reducing the amount of data which must be moved through water and therefore optimising power consumption and battery life.

Seatooth® SmartLogger Subsea Monitoring System

The SmartLogger incorporates the Seatooth wireless data processing and transmission platform offering short, medium and long range Hybrid communication options. The SmartLogger can be configured for different diameter pipes, cables and environmental monitoring.

Seatooth® SmartClamp Structural Monitoring System

Seatooth® SmartClamp is one of the latest generation of WFS Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. SmartClamp is a smart, wireless Structural Monitoring System (SMS) for use on subsea structures. SmartClamp incorporates Seatooth wireless data processing and transmission






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