Offshore Renewables

To support the reduction of the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) of Offshore Wind and Tidal projects, WFS has created a range of integrity management products aimed at the offshore energy and interconnector sectors.

We are the only company in the world to offer the capability to transmit data through the water/ air boundary and splash zones, or through solid materials such as steel plating and concrete using RF (Radio Frequency) communication.

The use of wireless technology enables the low-cost and non-invasive monitoring of mono pile, jacket and tripod foundations for offshore wind, as well as export and inter-array cables.

Cable temperature and fatigue monitoring

Motion Sensing

Ultrasonic Thickness

Flooded Member Detection

Crack detection and monitoring

Structural Fatigue Monitoring

Cathodic Protection

wfs_seatooth 1

The creation of a wireless sensor network enables the condition monitoring of offshore assets, enabling data to be harvested and trended to increase production rates, improve safety, reduce cost and extend asset operating life.

WFS Extreme Edge on-line monitoring of inter-array and export cables, offshore monopiles, tripods and jacket structures provide real time information which can be interrogated onshore. WFS integrates best-in-class sensors with Seatooth wireless controllers to deliver retrofit Asset Integrity data at significantly lower cost than conventional hard-wired systems.

WFS Seatooth Endure energy management technology enables up to 30 years of operating life while Seatooth subsea radio communications provides reliable communications through sea water and splash zones.

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