Offshore Wind and Tidal

The use of wireless technology enables the low-cost and non-invasive monitoring of mono pile, jacket and tripod foundations for offshore wind, as well as export, inter-array cables and buried piles.

CSignum’s ExtremeEdge® on-line monitoring of inter-array and export cables, offshore mono-piles, tripods and jacket structures provide real time actionable information which can be interrogated onshore.

Reduce Cost of Ownership
Increase Production
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Structural Fatigue Monitoring

A range of wireless asset and structural integrity monitoring solutions to provide real-time insight into the condition of subsea infrastructure.

Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Seatooth® wireless data transfer capability has been designed into corrosion monitoring systems to facilitate the harvesting of corrosion data. Minimizing threat to structural integrity resulting in mechanical failures. Sensors can be deployed for up to 30 years on both passive and active CP systems.

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Motion Sensing

The ability to measure the stress on turbine foundations due to wave motion and vibration is critical in calculating the life of the structure, and WFS has a proven range of devices to aid this.

Flooded Member Detection

CSignum can deploy Seatooth wireless Flooded Member Detection systems which allow for offshore wind structures to be monitored for flooding as a result of cracking, damage, corrosion or weld defects, reducing the need for inspection.

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