Environmental Monitoring

Offshore environmental monitoring is becoming an increasing focus as agencies turn to understand the impact of climate change on the world’s oceans.

At CSignum we can monitor a wide range of parameters, this includes bio-monitoring, oxygen, nutrients, oils, pesticides and metals using Seatooth ® subsea sensors with ExtremeEdge analytics.

For marine environments, we enable real-time insight and provision of data using our patented Seatooth devices for oceanography and hydrography, coastal erosion, polar and marine research, deep ocean AUV docking stations, and marine renewable energy.

For freshwater environments, we enable real-time insight and data capture for water quality monitoring (such as pH, O2, salinity), flood monitoring and hydrometry, water depth and flow rate.

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Whether it’s replacing a faulty temperature sensor hundreds of metres below the sea, or the real-time monitoring of a floating turbine platform for fatigue, get in touch with us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.