Subsea Internet of Things©

WFS Technologies is the leading provider of Subsea information and control systems enabled by WFS developed (SIoT) technology  of smart wireless sensors and devices, new battery technologies, edge computing, cloud architecture ,data analytics software and digitalization services.

IoT has yet to consider 70% of the world’s surface!

The Internet of Things (IoT) wave is providing direct integration of the physical world into the digital world on a global scale. This is creating a disruptive step-change in the way mankind is organized, from work practices and leisure activities through to how industry is run.


The world’s oceans need IoT

While the IoT revolution is impressive, it has yet to consider 70% of the world’s surface – the ocean. New technologies are required to bring IT infrastructure to the oceans and that’s where the largest opportunities are for both industry and the environmental challenges we face.

70% Ocean Industries

The global ocean economy, measured in terms of the ocean-based industries’ contribution to economic output and employment, is significant. Preliminary calculations on the basis of the OECD’s Ocean Economy Database value the ocean economy’s contribution in 2010 very conservatively at USD 1.5 trillion, or approximately 2.5% of world gross value added (GVA).

ocean industries

About WFS

WFS Technologies has developed the building blocks for Subsea Internet of Things (SIoT) enabling Smart Devices to extend wireless IoT networks through water and through ground, providing a low-cost alternative to cables, connectors and buoys. The industries served include Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Marine Equipment, Environmental and Defense. Key customer benefits include improved asset productivity, asset integrity management, safety and reducing costs for automation in the subsea environment.


Predictive analytics at the network edge with Seatooth© and Terratooth© smart devices



Seatooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data through water and the water-air boundary using low frequency radio waves from 1 Hz to 2.485 GHz. WFS Technologies Ltd launched Seatooth, the world’s first commercially available underwater radio modem to the subsea market in 2006.


Terratooth is an underground IoT and Cloud Computing Solution. TerraTooth enabled networks of smart, wireless sensors and devices to provide actionable operational intelligence to increase performance, reduce cost and reduce risk.